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Five arrested in Georgia identity theft ring


Identity theft can take many different forms. Whether it involves social security numbers, checks, mail, credit cards or more, this type of crime can carry severe consequences. Recently, an extensive identify theft operation was caught by law enforcement. The case shows how complex such operations can be and the serious penalties that accompany it.

Five residents of Georgia have been arrested on various charges after law enforcement busted what appears to be an extensive identity theft ring. Police say the two oldest members of the operation rented a house to serve as a base of operations as they recruited several other members to assist in the fraud. The members would steal mail from mailboxes to obtain personal information before using that same information to create bogus bank accounts, credit cards and more. When police investigated the house of the operation, they found stolen mail numbering in the hundreds, counterfeit currency, check-making materials, fake driver's licenses and more.

Members of the group were individually charged with several different charges ranging from financial transaction card theft, identity fraud, manufacturing fictitious identification and more. Some of the members were also charged with probation violation.

Clearly, this case will possibly carry with it severe consequences. While situations such as the above mentioned are distressing, it is important to take the steps to ensure one's rights are maintained. Securing the assistance of an experienced attorney can help formulate the most optimal defense available and make sure that no rights were violated during any part of the investigation.

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