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What happens in Georgia domestic violence cases?


Individuals charged with crimes of domestic violence need to know what could happen if they are convicted.

Allegations of domestic violence can tear a family apart. Once police are called to the scene of one of these events, they will need to decide which story they want to believe. Georgia does not currently have mandatory domestic violence arrest laws, but, it is possible that police will still decide to make an arrest at the scene.

If a person is arrested for domestic violence, they may not know what is about to happen. Those arrested might have a temporary order put in place that prevents them from having any contact, either in person or through a phone or texts, with the victim. This could force the accused to have to find a new place to live while the case is pending, as any contact at all with the victim will lead to jail time. A more permanent order may be put in place after a hearing where both sides are allowed to discuss what happened.

In cases where more serious offenses are alleged, such as felonies, the individuals will be facing very harsh penalties if convicted. In addition to time in prison, they will also be unable to purchase or own firearms due to federal laws.

It is important to note that the victim in the case might have little input into whether or not charges are eventually filed. The prosecutors will review the evidence obtained by police, and may decide to press charges even if the victim does not want the case to move forward.

Those individuals facing accusations of domestic violence need to realize that their entire lives will change if they are convicted of the offenses. Because of the harsh consequences that result, they need to be sure that they offer up an aggressive defense to these charges. Trying to talk their way out of trouble with police or prosecutors will only make the situation worse.

If you have been charged with a crime connected to domestic violence, it is important that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Your attorney can advise you of your rights, and help you understand the steps you need to protect yourself as you go through the process.

It is important that you understand that these cases are very difficult, and you should not try to handle this situation on your own. There will be a lot of conflicting testimony, and it is essential that you are able to clearly present your side of the story to the court. If you decide to plead guilty without discussing this with your attorney, it could result in significant penalties being handed down in your case.

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