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Tax evasion is not just a federal matter


Reality television star Todd Chrisley has seen his financial woes highly publicized recently, centering around allegations that he evaded paying Georgia income taxes by claiming to reside outside of the state.

Regardless of the truth of the allegations, his struggle serves to illustrate just how destructive tax evasion allegations can be, even if they are not federal allegations.

Unfortunately, a tax evasion conviction, even at the state level, can end or seriously derail a career or drain an estate of carefully amassed resources.

If you have concerns about your tax responsibilities in Georgia or another state where you regularly spend time, make sure to consult with an experienced attorney. Proper legal counsel can help you evaluate the details of your situation and resolve any complex tax issues fairly.

State tax evasion can carry severe penalties

One of the primary difficulties with tax evasion allegations is that you may be facing criminal charges while you may have merely made a mistake or misinterpreted the tax laws. There are numerous ways to commit serious crimes unintentionally.

It is important to note that mistakes are not generally considered fraud, and proving intent is very difficult.

State tax evasion can mean many different things, and therefore the penalties for different degrees of evasion or associated crimes can vary widely.

Under Georgia law, if convicted of tax evasion, a judge could impose jail time. While not often a penalty handed down for tax evasion, it is a punishment available to the courts.

Most likely, you may face significant penalties for accumulated taxes that must be repaid, but if the allegations are serious enough the charges may elevate from a state-level matter to a federal case.

No matter what kind of state tax evasion is hounding you, it is crucial to get proper legal counsel to examine your situation to identify any elements of the law that might lean in your favor.

Tax-related allegations are not something to ignore or take lightly, no matter how trivial or serious they seem.

Build a strong team to deliver a strong defense

The guidance and representation of an attorney who has years of experience is invaluable when you face allegations of wrongdoing in filing taxes. The tax code at both the state and federal level is tremendously complex, so it is possible that you are the victim of an innocent mistake, and simply need to demonstrate that innocence.

With proper representation by a competent attorney, you have the best chance that the process will respect your rights and that the courts hear your case fairly.

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