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How To Avoid Accidental Medicare Fraud


With federal regulation and oversight of the health care industry at an all-time high, health care providers are being held firmly to their responsibilities for accurate financial accounting. These providers are often subject to investigation and indictment over allegations of fraudulent manipulation of Medicare and Medicaid systems. Here are some tips to avoid accidental issues regarding medicare fraud.

Ensure Accurate Billing

This is a major yet common issue that occurs when it comes to Medicare fraud. Try to keep your billing codes clear and have regular audits. Ensuring accurate billing procedures is a major help to avoid accidental fraud, and it also will help with organizational purposes over time.

Confirm The Services That Were Provided

If an administrator or clerk mistypes or inputs a different service than was provided, then this can lead to a myriad of issues down the line. This also will help ensure no services are being falsified.

Follow a Compliance Plan

Creating a violation detection and reaction plan for circumstances that seem fraudulent or out of line could dramatically help. This could include implementing new standards, training, internal audits, new communication procedures, and more.

Seek Legal Counsel

If you are facing fraud charges, we may be able to help. Here at Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum, we have the skills, experience, and determination to help get you a favorable outcome for your case.

We have handled countless criminal defense cases and know how to navigate the legal system. When you need someone who you can trust to help defend your rights and freedom, rest assured Nick Lotito & Seth Kirschenbaum is here for you. You can reach us at (404) 471-3177 or contact us through our website today.

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