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  • Beating a Money Laundering Case: The Basics
    Anyone charged with money laundering could be facing significant punishment. The best way to deal with it is with representation by an experienced ...
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  • Is Entrapment a Possible Defense for Your Case?
    Being charged with a crime can carry harsh penalties. Speaking to an attorney can help you develop the best possible defense for your situation. One ...
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  • White-Collar Crimes: What Everyone Must Know
    White-collar crime is a term used differently by many people. Researchers generally attribute the term to Edwin Sutherland, who coined the term in a ...
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  • Why Hiring a Former Federal Prosecutor Is Good for Federal Cases
    Anyone facing federal charges is in a dire legal predicament that could yield devastating results without a solid defense. However, the state must ...
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  • What is a Felony?
    In Georgia, as is the case across the United States, the law classifies crime in one of two broad categories: felonies and misdemeanors. A person ...
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  • The Varying Severities of Felony Charges
    In Georgia, there are two classifications of crimes, felonies or misdemeanors. In some other states, an infraction, such as a traffic ticket, is also ...
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  • Why Hire an Attorney for Felony Charges?
    Facing criminal charges is never easy, but fighting some criminal charges are more difficult than others. That’s why anyone facing felony criminal ...
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  • Differences Between Gifts & Bribes
    Birthdays, holidays, promotions, and anniversaries all have something in common: gifts are a normal part of the festivities. Few things are better ...
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