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Atlanta man accused of identity theft


When people think of theft and robbery, they think more in terms of the cops and robbers they see on television. But theft encompasses a lot more than that in this digital era. Identity theft and credit card theft are two forms of crimes that do not paint as grave a picture as the traditional theft, but the penalties attached with the crimes may be equally serious.

Recently, a man from Atlanta finds himself facing identity theft charges, among others. The 41-year-old was charged with resisting arrest, possessing or manufacturing fraudulent identification, identity theft and obtaining property under false pretenses.

According to the arrest warrant, the man had gone into a computer store at a mall and was attempting to get credit to buy three computers. At the time, the warrant alleges, the man was in possession of someone else's Social Security number, name and birth date. He was being held in jail, with bail set at more than $70,000.

Even though it sounds less serious than other offenses, using someone else's personal information to purchase something or for any other reason, is a serious offense and can carry with it serious penalties that may affect many aspects of an accused's life, including child custody arrangements and job prospects. But an allegation is just that -- an allegation that can be disputed. The accused is always innocent until proven guilty and Atlanta residents may want to consider consulting an attorney who can guide them down the path of clearing their name.

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