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What is Classified as Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence is one of the top health concerns, globally, with an average of one in three women experiencing it sometime in their life. In many cases, the abusers don't realize they are imposing violence on someone. On the other side, the victims may not even know they are suffering from it.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is a form of abusive behavior in any relationship, used by one partner, to maintain or gain control over their intimate partner. There are many types of abuse, such as:

  • Physical abuse includes slapping, biting, hitting, battering, and any other kind of behavior imposed on the victim. Forcing someone's drug use, or denying someone medical treatment, is also physical abuse.
  • Emotional abuse involves devaluing the victim's self-esteem or sense of self-worth. Emotional abuse includes name-calling, regular criticism, or interfering with the victim’s abilities.
  • Psychological abuse occurs when the abuser inflicts fear on the victim by threatening to hurt the victim, themselves, family, or children, intimidation, or isolating them from their loved ones. Financial abuse can also be included in this.
  • Stalking includes spying on the victim, following, harassing, sending gifts, appearing at the victim's house or work, or making phone calls. Some of these deeds are technically legal, but when it becomes a pervasive routine, they may be deemed stalking.
  • Sexual abuse occurs when the abuser attempts to force the victim into having sexual behavior or contact without the victim's consent. Sexual abuse includes marital rape, sexually belittling the victim, and others.

In Georgia, it is described as the act of violence in a family. The law protects against emotional, physical, and sexual abuse within a family or home. However, you don't need to be married to be a victim of domestic violence in Georgia.

Who is Protected by Law?

The Georgia Family Violence Act is aimed to protect people who are abused by someone living in their home, whether it is spouses, parents of a child, stepchildren, foster parents and foster children, step-parents, or other individuals. Through the law, the abused individual can get financial support, short-term custody, and additional support.

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